Introducing Chicago Pizza Girl’s Pizza Rating System

Typically, if you can call it “pizza” .. then there’s pretty much a guarantee that I like it. There is not often a pizza I don’t like. I eat anything from frozen Jack’s pizzas to fancy restaurant pizzas from all over. Let’s face it, pizza is good, even when it’s bad. But that being said, I am going to attempt to create a rating system so that I can rate all the different pizzas I try when I’m out and about. Rating each pizza will most likely be a very hard task for me to do because my instinct will be to just give every pizza a “5.” But.. we’ll see how I do. Let the rating begin!!

Rating System:

5 slices: Exceptional Pizza. This is hands down among one of my favorites. This pizza contains excellent flavor, perfect amount of cooking time, great toppings, quality ingredients, the works!

4 slices: Very good pizza. This pizza is one I will keep going back to for more and never seem to get tired of it. Definitely worth the trip.

3 slices: Good pizza. This pizza is better than average pizza. I would most likely have a second and even third slice of this pizza.

2 slices: Alright pizza. Pizza that is typically just ok. You might not be that excited to eat this pizza but it’s still pizza so… you eat it anyways. It can be good from time to time.

1 slice: Bad pizza. This pizza is edible but only when really really starving. It is really barely tolerable.

0 slices: Horrible pizza. I would never order this pizza again. It should not even be called pizza it is so terrible.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Chicago Pizza Girl’s Pizza Rating System

  1. chicagopizzagirl says:

    Yes! I would totally consider Tostinos pizza a “bad” pizza. It’s something you eat when you’re absolutely starving.. :) By the way, I checked out your blog too! I love it. We ARE so alike!!

    • chicagopizzagirl says:

      Mark.. You know that Lou’s falls into the 5 slice rating. Hands down. It’s my favorite pizza of all time! I think I’m having it tomorrow night at my parents house. So stay tuned for it’s “official” review :)

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