The One and Only… Lou Malnati’s

Ah, those three little words that every girl dreams of hearing… Lou. Malnati’s. Pizza! Ok, well maybe not most girls. But what can I say, if you mention those three words to me you will most likely hear a pitched squeal coming out of me, followed by jumping up and down or something.

Lou Malnati’s has been a tradition in our family since before I can even remember. Any time the our entire family was  getting together (and it wasn’t a holiday) there was a good chance we were ordering Lou’s. In fact, a few of my cousins even worked at Lou’s at one point in time. Man, I sure miss those family discounts!! And speaking of family, I just so happened to be at my parent’s house for dinner last night and we had…. you guessed it, Lou Malnati’s. So my first review of pizza should be a really easy one for me since Lou’s happens to be my favorite pizza in the world!! :)

So, on to the pizza then. I typically get the same thing every time I go to Lou’s. Deep dish with sausage pieces. Most of my family will just get the whole darn layer of sausage (My dad actually prefers a double layer of sausage). But it wasn’t til my cousin Paul recommended trying the sausage pieces that I even realized they had this option. So now, that’s what I go with. It’s the perfect amount in my opinion. Last night’s pizza had mushrooms and a full layer of the sausage though, since majority wins.

Lou Malnati's Pizza

It was delicious as usual. Absolutely nothing compares to Lou’s crust. It’s so buttery, crispy and flaky. I really wish I knew how they got it that way or what they put in their dough. And I love love love the sauce with all the fresh, chunky tomatoes in it. It’s got that sweet flavor that you just can’t get anywhere else. I actually watched Bobbly Flay’s throwdown show on Food Network once where Bobby Flay challenged Lou Malnati’s to a pizza throwdown (Lou Malnati’s won of course). I learned from this episode that Lou’s actually grows their own special tomatoes for their sauce. I’m not surprised. It’s goood!

Lou Malnati's Slice

Many people aren’t aware that they can get Lou Malnati’s just about anywhere in the US. You can order the pizzas online by going to They come nicely packaged in dry ice and right to your front door! I have sent these as gifts from time to time and believe me, they have been greatly appreciated from the out-of-towners I know that can’t get them here anymore!

Not only can you have Lou’s shipped to you, just recently Lou’s began offering their own Lou’s-to-go dough for sale in their restaurants. I believe you can purchase this dough at the above link as well. I haven’t tried this dough yet, but don’t you worry, I will definitely be trying this in the future and will be blogging about it for sure. I’m very excited to try it!

So if I had to give this pizza a rating from my newly created pizza rating scale I’d definitely give Lou’s a 5 slice rating. Lou’s always has, and always will be my #1 favorite pizza. But that being said, I suppose going on this journey of trying several new pizza places will definitely be an eye opening experience for me and soon we shall see if any other pizza can try and compare! Bring it on pizza..bring it on!!!


5 thoughts on “The One and Only… Lou Malnati’s

  1. Kelly Dulin says:

    Great review! I love Lou’s!

    Have you tried Pizano’s yet? I think there’s some family connection to the Malnatis people. I don’t think it’s quite as good as Lou’s but it’s really good.

    Oh, and I will pass along my dad’s pizza sauce recipe – it’s great (imho). I’ve lost it at some point but recently asked for him to send it to me, so will forward to you when I get it from him. I think you will like it


  2. chicagopizzagirl says:


    Thanks! I’d love to try your dad’s pizza sauce. And believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve been to Pizanos. So I definitely want to try that one!

    You’re right.. Lou’s is really beyond the pizza rating scale!

    • Tanida says:

      Funny! Mom and I just picked up Lou’s last night too! Agreed, have no idea how they get their crust that way, but it’s fantastic. Just had a friend of mine that now lives in San Antonio tell me about a place called Barnaby’s on Touhy and Higgins near O’hare. He raves about their thin crust so I promised him I’ll trek out there to try it.

  3. Megan says:

    Lindsey, thanks for the great review! We always love hearing stories about families who have made Lou’s a tradition, and appreciate your years of patronage!

    As for the dough, it can be purchased on the website, and through Peapod locally. However, it is currently unavailable in the pizzerias. We have recently also started selling the tomato sauce on the website, and it is available in the local pizzerias. Thanks again!

    Lou’s Crew

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