Reviewing pizza from the road – DaVinci’s Italian Restaurant in IN

This weekend I went on a road trip to Ohio to go to Cedar Point and ride some roller coasters! We left Chicago right around 5:00pm on Friday and actually got out of the city in fairly good timing. Once we were well on our way (in Indiana at this time), we decided it was time to stop for some dinner. We were kind of in the mood for Italian so we were originally thinking Fazolis, since we had seen a sign for it along the highway and figured it would be quick. But once we got off the exit, we passed this local Italian restaurant named DaVinci’s and our decision was made. Fazolis did not win out this time! So, we decided to give DaVinci’s a try.

So, first we had to decide between thin, regular or thick. We had no preference really so we went with regular. Then we ordered a medium sausage and mushroom pizza with a delicious brusheta appetizer that came with kalamata olives and artichoke hearts so I was one happy camper.

DaVinci's Pizza

When the pizza came, it was much bigger than we expected. So we had lots of leftovers for the weekend. I must say, the crust was great. It had a great crispiness to it and it even had lots of bubbles in the crust which I am a big fan of. I still want to know how they get those in there. Does it have to do with the temperature they cook it at? If anyone knows this secret, please let me know. The sausage was really really good too. It wasn’t that crappy dried out, rabbit turd sausage that you sometimes get at cheaper pizza places or on frozen pizzas. It had a lot of great flavor that left a lasting impression on me. I will say that sauce was a little bit runny or thin. It was  a good flavor, but it either needed to be a little bit thicker or there needed to be more sauce on the pizza. Not sure which really. Now the mushrooms… I completely forgot they were even on the pizza. We decided that they were probably just those mushrooms that you get out of a can at the grocery store. They didn’t seem to make any sort of impression on us. I certainly don’t think they were fresh since I could barely taste them.

But overall, the pizza was really good. I did eat 3 slices after all. But to my defense, my first slice was really thin. And the leftovers we had, made it all the way back to Chicago with us. Luckily there was a mini fridge in the hotel with us. How we didn’t scarf that down before we left? I don’t know. I have to say Indiana, I was pleasantly surprised with your local pizza establishment off of a highway exit in Elkhart, IN. I would rate this pizza establishment as a 3.

DaVinci's Pizza 2


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