Pangea’s Pizza Pub in Traverse City, MI

Since I have been doing this blog, I feel like whenever I’m out of town I have to try and find a pizza place to blog about. Soooo, that’s exactly what I did. This past weekend I went to Traverse City, MI for a wedding. I have never been to Traverse City before and I have to say it was a really pretty area. Our hotel was right on the beach and the downtown area was only minutes away. On our way out of town on Sunday, we stopped for lunch at Pangea’s Pizza Pub located at 135 East Front Street Traverse City, MI 49684. It was right in the middle of the downtown area next to several really cute little shops, cafes, etc.

We decided to order a medium pepperoni and bacon pizza with a garlic butter crust. I don’t know if you can tell by now what toppings are my favorite. :) I tend to always get very similar toppings. I know, I know. I should probably starting changing that up a bit huh? Of course when you know what you like.. why not stick with it right? I have to say, when the waitress suggested the garlic crust it didn’t even take me 0.5 seconds to decide if I wanted this or not. I was sold and very much looking forward to it. When the pizza arrived, well…just look at it!

Pangea's PizzaPangea's Pizza up close

You can see from the picture that the crust was covered with lots of yummy, delicious garlic butter. It almost reminded me of eating Crazy Bread from Little Caesars, but so much better. The cheese was perfectly melted with just the right amount of light brown coloring around the edges. The bacon pieces that were covering the pizza were actually nice size slices and not just tiny crumbles of bacon. So I really got a nice sense of the bacon flavor when I got a bite with bacon on it. It was a good amount of pizza for lunch. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do love my Chicago style deep dish pizzas. But sometimes, I just want a regular sized slice of pizza. Not something that was going to make me go in to a food coma. This pizza wasn’t too filling but definitely did the trick. I was full when it was time to leave and had leftovers as usual.

Now for the sad and disappointing part of the story. Yesterday, I reheated this pizza for lunch thinking “Oh my god, I can’t wait to taste that awesome buttery, garlic crust!” Well, when I pulled the pizza out of the microwave at lunch, it had turned in to a mushy, soggy looking mess. I was so confused at first because I had never really had something like this happen to my pizza before when reheating it. I took my fork and lifted up the bottom of the crust and it just flopped around, very flimsy-like. I was so sad. At first I thought.. do I tough it out and just eat it? I had been looking forward to it so much. I tried to pick it up  by the end of the crust at first but no such luck. It kept folding and toppings were sliding off on to my plate. Next, I tried cutting it with a knife and fork. I actually had a few bites. The flavor was still very good. I will admit. You could still taste all the garlic on the crust. But the texture was just too slimy and soggy for me. So I pushed my pizza aside and didn’t finish the rest. So sad. I’ve never really had any pizza mishaps like this before so I was very thrown off my game. So I guess I would have to rate this pizza as a 3. When eaten fresh, this pizza was very very delicious. Good sauce, cheese, toppings and I don’t think I have to mention again how much I loved the garlic crust. I think it would be a pizza I would definitely have every now and then. Of course I don’t live in Traverse City, but the next time I’m there, I would definitely stop in for another slice for sure!

Pangea's Pizza Slice


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