Paisano’s Pizza in Virginia

Two weekends ago I was out of town yet again. This time I was visiting my brother and his family in Virginia. I promise I will start reviewing more pizzas in Chicago now since I’m finally going to be home for a few weekends. I mean I AM “Chicago” Pizza Girl after all. Anyways, it was a Friday night and of course when you have out of town guests and a lot going on, nobody really wants to cook right? So we opted for a nice quick and easy dinner and ordered Paisano’s Pizza.

Since my brother Bob and his wife Kim are vegetarians we decided to get some pizzas without meat. I know.. this is a change for me since I usually order meat toppings. But, I like most veggies on my pizza anyways, so it was fine by me. On one pizza, we ordered mushrooms and tomatoes and on the other pizza we got onion, green peppers and olives. I typically don’t like onion on my pizzas. But I said I would at least give it another shot (for the blog of course)!

Paisano's olive and pepper pizza

So there we were, the siblings all together again. My cousin Steve, who now lives in Virginia as well, came over to join us for dinner too. The pizza was your typical thin crust pie. It reminded me of something you might get from your average college town actually. I liked the crust. It was very light and airy. Great for dipping in ranch dressing. I have to say, I gave the onions a try on the one pizza and I am still not a big fan of them. But.. I didn’t hate it. I ate the whole slice. I enjoy onions in lots of things actually. I like red onions in salads, sometimes on sandwiches, grilled onions on bratwursts or hot dogs, in pasta, or soups, etc. But for whatever reason, I have never really been a fan of onions on my pizzas. Oh well, at least I gave it another shot. And while we’re on the topic of toppings I’m not a huge fan of, I must say I wasn’t a lover of the green peppers either. This is not one I usually order as a topping. If I had to switch it out with red peppers, I would be fine with that. I love red peppers. The mushroom and tomato pizza was very satisfying though. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the pizza. I could easily go back for more.

Paisano's mushroom and tomato pizza

I would probably give this pizza a rating of 3. Bob and Kim seem to be big fans of this pizza. But I’m thinking that maybe they have just been away from Chicago for too long now to remember what really good pizza tastes like. (I mean, it has been about 4 months now since they’ve moved)  :) Kidding Bob, love you! To be fair, it did hit the spot and I did enjoy it. In fact this is my second time eating it since we ordered it the last time I visited as well. And I would order it again in the future. Ordering pizza was just one of the many things that made this trip to Virginia a great one!

Oh, and on a side note, some of you will be happy to know that they do deliver beer. It says so right on the side of the box! Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Paisano’s Pizza in Virginia

  1. Josh M. says:

    Have to say looks like doughy tasteless crust, and I think by airy you mean bubbly crust that when you take a bite may stab the roof of your mouth. (you know when you get the air bubble in the crust and actual crust at the end of your bite stabs you.) Also the topping portion looks like the pizza collapsed like an old mattress in the middle. And pizza girl, if you have to dip your pizza in ranch, I mean really, I’m at a loss for words.
    But, seriously, I love some Chicago Pizza Girl. So, get back to Chicago where you can save the Ranch for your salads and eat some real Pizza! Or skip Virginia and go up to Eastern New Jersey or NYC and get real thin crust Pizza. (You know where you can bend a large slice in half and pour a cup of grease large enough to fry a dozen eggs!) And for Christ sake grill me a Pizza already. Seriously I’m hungry.
    Sorry Virginia, you lose on Pizza.

  2. chicagopizzagirl says:

    Yes, you hit it on the nail with the pizza kinda sagging in the middle. Not a good sign. The crust wasn’t stabbing me, it was more like light and fluffy. But I agree, a good crust should be good on it’s own and not need to be dipped in ranch. Like Lou Malnati’s or Pequod’s!! :)

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