Pequod’s Pizzeria – 2nd best deep dish pizza in Chicago!

A couple Saturday nights ago I had a birthday party to go to in Lincoln Park. We wanted to get dinner somewhere located near the party. Then it hit me. Pequod’s!! I’ve been to Pequod’s several times now, but definitely thought it deserved a proper review since it’s one of my faves.

Pequod’s opened in the early 1970’s and was named after the whaling ship from Moby Dick. This neighborhood bar/restaurant is located on the corner of Clybourn and Webster, right across from a movie theater. So it’s a great place to stop for dinner and a movie any night of the week. I can honestly go ahead and say it. I think Pequod’s has the 2nd best deep dish pizza in the city (next to Lou Malnati’s of course). And yes, I will say that I think it is better than Giordano’s pizza. Keep reading to find out why!

We ordered a small, deep dish sausage and pepperoni pizza. We would normally get a medium, but since we were heading straight to a party after dinner, we didn’t really want to have to drag around leftovers with us all night. We also ended up ordering an appetizer of cheesy garlic bread with marinara sauce on the side for dipping since we weren’t positive the small sized pizza would do the trick. It really hit the spot.

As for the pizza, I really only have nothing but good things to say about it. The sausage had some really great italian seasoning to it and they were nice big pieces. The sauce was good. Not too thick, not too thin. And they put a perfect amount on the pizza as well. Now the crust, I will say, is really one of a kind. Pequod’s uses a cast iron skillet to cook their pizzas in which leaves the best crunchy and crispy crust around the edge. It gives the crust a caramelized flavor that is ridiculously good and certainly a known trademark of theirs. The cheese was so nice and gooey. Plenty of it too. The kind that just keeps on pulling and forms those nice long strings of ooey goodness when you pull it away from the tray.

Pequod's Pizza

We definitely didn’t need the appetizer before the pizza. The small was plenty of pizza to fill us both. I have ordered this pizza for delivery before too. It’s still very good. But there’s something to be said for a nice hot deep dish pizza coming straight out of the oven right to your table.

As far as deep dish pizza goes, I love that Pequod’s is not too doughy. It’s a nice thick size and you don’t just taste all bread. Which I feel like a lot of deep dish places are at fault for (ahem… Giordano’s). I feel like when I’m eating Giordano’s I always have a lot of leftover crust that I just don’t want. Not with Pequod’s! And Pequod’s really does a great job at putting just the right amount of ingredients on it’s pizzas. So every bite is just perfect.

I am actually debating right now on what to rate this pizza. I thought, if Lou’s is a 5 rating then should I make this a 4? But it seems so much better than a 4. Then I thought to myself, well how about a 4.5? But, who says that Lou’s has to be the only 5 rating right? I can have more than just one pizza as a 5 rating. BUT… that being said, I still think Lou’s is better than Pequod’s. It is, after all, my all time favorite pizza. But I think Pequod’s can share the 5 rating because I think it has a completely different taste to it. I mean, looking back at the definition of a 5 rating in my rating system it says, “This is hands down among one of my favorites.” And this is true. So yes, I will give this pizza a 5 rating. There! I’ve decided. Now go get some Pequod’s!! :)


4 thoughts on “Pequod’s Pizzeria – 2nd best deep dish pizza in Chicago!

  1. The Moviecapper says:

    Since you mentioned that Pequod’s is right by a movie theater, this knowledge could come in handy for me before I review my movies.

    I am requesting some posts about pizza places that are “convenient” for whatever reason AND have great pizza as well.

    What is the best pizza place to go to before hitting the bars? The best late night place? Most reliable delivery?

    Your fans are waiting, Chicago Pizza Girl!!!

  2. Clint says:

    I still havent hit up Pequods yet, but from what everybody tells me, it sounds delicious.

    Speaking of convenient and good, have you tried Art of Pizza? In my opinion you can’t beat their deep dish, but they also sell by the slice, which can be very handy when you want to grab a slice on the go.

    • chicagopizzagirl says:

      I just had Pequod’s again tonight actually! It’s a definite MUST TRY.

      I have had Art of Pizza several times. That used to be my go to delivery pizza for awhile. It’s really good. I’m sure I’ll be doing a review on it in the near future :)

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