Fogo 2 Go for Delivery

A couple weeks back we decided to use our Fogo 2 Go Living Social coupon we had and ordered a pizza for delivery. Fogo 2 Go is located at 926 West Diversey in Chicago, IL. Fogo just opened up in 1997 and features Brazilian pizza, chicken and gourmet salads. This was the first time I had ever eaten from here so I was excited to try a new pizza place.

Fogo 2 Go box

The first thing that I was really impressed with was that they had over 50 different kinds of personal pizzas to choose from.That’s a LOT!! They ranged from greek pizzas, to buffalo chicken pizzas, to even shrimp scampi pizzas. You name it, they probably had it. They had 7 different kinds of cheese pizzas alone. And for a cheese lover, this was very exciting to see. We ended up deciding to just build our own pizza since there were sooo many different kinds of toppings to choose from. They had practically anything you wanted to put on your pizza, from chick peas to cheese whiz! The pizza toppings we choose weren’t too crazy or out of the ordinary: fresh sizzling bacon, prosciutto, and hot italian sausage.

We also decided to try the garlic knots which are their soft dough twists that are baked in extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, chopped garlic and finally a touch of parsley. These were really really delicious. The garlic knots were warm, soft and fluffy and loaded with lots of garlic goodness. They were supposed to come with a dipping sauce too but they forgot to add ours to the bag. I happened to have some of my homemade pizza sauce left over from earlier in the week, so that worked out perfect in a pinch.

On to the pizza. The pizza arrived and as soon as I opened the box I could tell the pizza didn’t appear to look that hot. It wasn’t cold or anything, but to me, it seemed like they didn’t have one of those special bags that keeps the pizza warm when transporting the pizza because it was only luke warm. I could be wrong and maybe we were just the last stop on their drive. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when tasting the pizza was that I felt like it didn’t have enough sauce to my liking. So I actually ended up dipping the pizza in my own leftover homemade pizza sauce that I was using to dip the garlic knots in. The cheese they used on the pizza seemed really tasty to me though. The hot italian sausage was just ok. I felt like I would have preferred the sausage to be in pieces rather than cut up, round sausage links. The prosciutto on the other hand was really tasty. I don’t usually see that as a topping option when I order pizza, so I was excited to try that. The only complaints I have about the prosciutto was that it was sliced too thick and there was also a little bit too much of it on the pizza. I ended up having to take some off because it was a little overwhelmingly salty with so much of it on there. So I think I would have to only give this pizza a rating of 2.5. I think the negatives outweighed the positives with this one. But I do highly recommend the garlic knots though. Those were absolutely amazing!!

Fogo 2 Go


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