Did Apart Pizza Company Stand “Apart” From the Rest?

Low and behold folks, I had yet another Groupon-like deal (this one was a Living Social coupon) for another pizza place that I had to use up before May 24th. This one was for Apart Pizza Company. There are two locations that I know of. One in Andersonville in Chicago on Broadway and another at the corner of Montrose and Lincoln. Now when looking at the website, http://www.apartpizzacompany.com, it was kind of hard to tell if either of these locations actually had seating. But I finally did see that the one on Broadway had at least patio seating, so Broadway was the one we decided to go ahead and try.

caesar salad

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in the door. But I will say I was at least happy there were 3 whole tables to sit at since we felt like dining in instead of just getting delivery that night. The place was definitely set up more as just delivery pizza place rather than an actual dine in restaurant. So on to the ordering. The menu had a lot of great toppings and specialized pizzas to choose from. For instance, one pizza that we almost went with was called the Tricolore which contained fresh tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach. Another one I thought sounded great was the Quattro Formaggi which had brie, goat, parmesan, and bleu cheeses. Mmmm cheese! But we ended up just creating our own with pepperoni, bacon and goat cheese. When we placed our order though, I forgot that our coupon was worth up to $30! So we had to order more if we wanted to get our money’s worth. (Ok twist my arm.) So we increased our pizza from a medium to a large (since I always love leftovers anyways) and also ordered a Caesar salad and some fountain drinks (for future notice, this place is BYOB).

Our pizza came out pretty quickly. So quick in fact that they hadn’t even brought out our salad yet. But that came shortly after. The salad was pretty large and that being said, we finished the whole thing, it was so tasty. The pizza came in large New York style slices. They are all hand tossed so you really end up getting a good sized pizza which is always nice in my opinion. As far as thin crust goes, this place was pretty comparable to some of the other places I have been to. The bacon had a great smokey flavor to it. It wasn’t the small, cheap crumbles you might find on some pizzas. The slices of bacon were nice and thick and flavorful. The amount of goat cheese they put on there was just right too. Some places will load it on when you ask for goat cheese and although I do love my cheese.. it can sometimes be too overwhelming of a flavor if there’s too much of it.

Apart Pizza Company

The people on staff here were all very nice. You can tell the manager takes pride in what she does. She was very attentive to us and the other couple at the table next to us that were also dining in. Now granted there were only 2 tables to have to take care of, but none-the-less, they were very nice and accommodating there. I would definitely go back. I think I would have to rate this pizza a 3.5 out of 5.


D’Agostino’s equals D’Licious!

D'Agostino's PizzaThis weekend I went to D’Agostino’s Pizza & Pub on Southport in Wrigleyville. I just tried this place for the first time in June 2009. But I have been back several times ever since because I really enjoy this pizza a lot. It has a good atmosphere with a casual dining area and a bar. They even have darts which is always a bonus! They also have outdoor seating in the summer. It’s a great place to go if you just want to hang out, have a pizza and enjoy a few beers. Which is exactly what I was in the mood for this weekend.

We ordered a thin crust, pepperoni and bacon pizza and a bucket of Coors Lights. You can’t go wrong there. I was impressed at how quickly the pizza came out. One thing I really enjoy about D’Agostino’s pizza is their sweet tasting sauce. It’s got a great flavor that stands apart from other sauces I’ve tried. The sauce to cheese ration was just the right amount in my opinion. And the crust had a great crispiness to it. Another bonus about this pizza was the amount of bacon they put on it. There was lots and lots of yummy bacon. To be honest, I never used to get bacon on my pizzas until recently. But it is quickly becoming one of my favorite toppings. And they definitely put a decent amount on the pizza. So I was happy.

Lindsay at D'Agostino's Pizza

D’Agostino’s always seems to have some great specials whenever I go too . And I often get coupons for discounts off their pizza in the mail as well. So it makes eating there fairly inexpensive. Which is always a good thing.

D’Agostino’s Weekly Specials:


Tuesday – With any size, thin crust pizza order  FIRST 2-TOPPINGS ARE ON US.

Wednesday – Come Dine in on Wednesday and save half off a large 16″ 1 topping thin crust pizza.

Thursday – With any size, pan or stuffed pizza order FIRST 2-TOPPINGS ARE ON US.

Saturday – Extra Large, 1-topping thin crust pizza with garlic bread and a 2L soda FOR ONLY: $19.95 plus tax

My rating for this pizza would have to be 3 slices! Obviously I enjoy this pizza whether I am dining in or getting it delivered since I keep going back for more. So if you’re in the neighborhood or catching a Cubs game, definitely stop in for a slice or two. This pizza will definitely hit the spot!

D'Agostino's Pizza